Lussas is a small village in South Ardèche, France, with only one main road crossing the village. This real village, with farmers and vineyards, is also turning over time into the Hollywood of documentary films. A few people are preparing the launch of a television channel. From this sweet utopia to the inauguration of a high-tech tool on the internet, Claire Simon depicts a singular adventure of our times.

A serie in 7×40 min

Director : Claire SIMON /  Image : Claire SIMON / Sound : Virgile Van Ginneken  / Editing : Luc Forveille / Production : Rebecca HOUZEL (Petit à Petit Production)  / Coproduction : Madeline Robert (Les Films de la caravane)

Supported by  Aide à l’écriture et au développement CNC (FAI), Aide au développement de la région Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes