Dima died on May 23, 2013, at the age of 21. Enlisted in the Russian army, he was shot in the head during a special mission in Dagestan. While his parents face the emptiness left by his loss, the army continues to train young soldiers for a future mission. These two worlds mingle to draw what was the life of Dima and its brutal end.


Director : Alexander ABATUROV /  Image : Artyom Dzharayan, Artem Chernov, Boris Guchmazov, Alexandra Rozhdestvenskaya Artiom PETROV, Alexander KUZNETSOV, Alexander ABATUROV / Sound : Alexander KALACHNIKOV / Editing : Luc FORVEILLE, Alexander ABATUROV / Sound editing : Emmanuel ANGRAND / Mixing : Myriam RENE / Color grading : Gadiel BENDELAC / Production : Rebecca HOUZEL (Petit à Petit Production) and Alexander Abaturov (Sibériade) /Coproduction : Studio IDA (Russia) / Shooting Location : RUSSIA

Support : CNC, Rhônes Alpes Region

Selected at Berlinale Forum / Cinéma du Réel /