I wonder if, between being a Jewish and an Arabic woman, I have to choose. I pay visits, again and again, to my four grandparents, Jews from Algeria and Tunisia, exiled in France in the 1960s. I am determined to confront them with the meaning of these two identities I inherited from them, seemingly so contradictory. With humor and self-mockery, I question the contradictions and the unthoughts, and I stage the many different versions of my always rewritten family history. In this search through a history full of holes, what are being told are frustrated relationships to memory and transmission.

Director : Cléo Cohen / Producer : Rebecca Houzel – Maria Knoch / Image : Cléo Cohen / Editing : Saskia Berthod / Original music : Patrick Bismuth / Sound Editing and Mix : Gilles Benardeau / Color Grading : Graziella Zanoni / Executive producer : Petit à Petit Production

Coproduction : ViàOccitanie

With the support of Region PACA, region Occitanie, of CNC, fonds Images de la diversité, of the plateforme Tënk, of  PROCIREP and ANGOA, of  SCAM and French Institut of Tunis.


Selected at IDFA, Dokleipzig (interreligious prize), Traces de Vies,