Sylvain is a farmer. His fields, glyphosate tendency, are surrounding the green islet where my old, but brave mother is living for decades. Sylvain is also my childhood friend, but my mother and him no longer talk to each other. I decide to follow him, in his work in his reflections, alongside Pierre, his son. Will Sylvain get involved in my mother’s ultimate project? Will he let himself be carried by the wind of this productive and enchanted countryside?


Director Coco Tassel / Producer: Rebecca HOUZEL / Image: Karine AULNETTE / Editing: Gilles VOLTA, Wei Yuan SONG / Original music: STEAK / Sound Editing: Jérôme PETIT / Mix: Simon APOSTOLOU / Color grading: Christophe LEGENDRE / Production: Petit à Petit Production / Coproduction: Cofilms


With the support of Région Centre-Val de Loire

With the support of Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée