Whether in encyclopedias, textbooks or magazines, the history of New Caledonia always begins like this:
“On September 4, 1774, James Cook discovered a large island in the Pacific, and named it New Caledonia, because its coasts reminded him of Scotland’s — the antique Caledonia. ” 

Except nobody knows where this story came from. As the island is preparing to vote for its independence and dreams of a peaceful decolonization, it seemed necessary to follow Cook on his journey, revisit this legend, deconstruct it… And, along the way, meet hunters and historians, cowboys and Celtic warriors, a bard who probably never existed, and many Filipino sailors.


Produced by Petit à Petit Production – Kepler22 Productions – Nô production / Coproduced with La Huit Production et Caledonia

Image : Chloé Boutin, Pascale Granel, Inès Tabarin / Lights : Marc Lambert / Sound : Nicolas Joly /Editing : Geoffrey Lachassagne, Léa Masson, Marianna Romano / Mix : Jean-Marc Schick /Color Grading : Romain Pierrat / Music : Camille Ballon, Juan de Guillebon / Voice over: Magali Song