Settled in Moscow for their studies, Artem and Eva met at the end of their adolescence. To earn their living, the young lovers started to produce handmade porn that they broadcast themselves on social  networks. Soon spotted by the industry, Eva becomes a star. How does this unexpected trajectory change the course of their lives and their relationship as a couple?  The doubts and hopes of Artem and Eva, and beyond them, the questions of their generation, lead this initiatory romance. 


Director : Evgeny Milykh / Producers : Rebecca Houzel, Evgueni Gindilis, Masha Gavrilova, Max Tuula/ Photography : Evgeny Milykh / Editing : Muriel Breton / Sound editing and mix : Eric Rey /Color grading : Eric Salleron / Music : Grégoire Auger / Productions : Petit à Petit production (France), TV INDIE (Russie), Marx Films (Estonie) 

In coproduction with Arte France

With the support of Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée la Procirep – Angoa,