A filmmaker in a park on the edge of Paris, receives an unusual letter written by himself. Thinking of a joke at first, he is quickly overtaken by this other self, and has to give in and to respond.

This opens the way to a self-portrait that does not let his close ones to the side.

Directed by: Lamine Ammar-Khodja / Picture: Farid Hodja et Sylvie Petit / Sound: Mohamed Traoré / Editing: Elsa Jonquet et Miskine Durakov / Assistant editors: Thibault Louis et Clara Borgen / Sound editing: Raphaël Girardot et Adam Wolny / Sound mixing: Adam Wolny/ Colorgrading: Gadiel BendelacProduced by: Rebecca Houzel/Petit à Petit Production

Funded by: Région Île de France, AFAC – The Arab fund for arts and culture, Image/mouvement du Centre national des arts plastiques – CNAP