• Length:
    31 mn
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Realisation:
    Rebecca Houzel
  • Image:
    Julien Donada
  • Montage:
    Mathilde Grosjean
  • Production:
    CRDP Académie de Créteil, CNRS Images, Petit à Petit production
  • Festival / Price:
    Festival "Pêcheurs d'image" de Lunel, Festival de Chambéry, Festivla "7ème art et science" de Noirmoutier, Vidéo psy de Lorquin, 2éme prox du festival de l'IRTS de Nancy, Festival Sciences et Cinéma d'Oullins

A film by Rebecca Houzel

Karin and Mohamed were both born in France. They exchange stories and memories about their Algerian fathers who both passed away. Their families moved to France during the Algerian war. Mohamed’s father was a member of the National Liberation Front (NLF). Karin’s father was a soldier in the French Army. They both lived through the Algerian war and never talked about it to their children. Mohamed questions his mother and takes her back to the village they came from. Karin dives into her family’s archives and photographs and tries to understand her father’s commitment to the French Army. They talk about their difficulties as to not understanding their fathers, the unsaid, and their families uprooting.

DVD edition

DVD edited by the CNDP, Mémoires et histoires, septembre 2008.