• Length:
    52 mn
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Realisation:
    Maria Isabel Ospina
  • Image:
    Marie Sorribas, Maria Isabel Ospina
  • Sound:
    Carlos Manrique, Barbara Schuch, Émilie Mauguet
  • Montage:
    Ricardo Munoz
  • Production:
    Agnès Bruckert, Jean-François Tosti, Maria Isabel Ospina
  • Co-production:
    Petit à Petit Production, TAT Productions

In Colombia we used to spend every Christmas Eve with the whole family, dancing all night long. But one day an economic crisis hit the middle classes and ripped them apart. In a few years, 25 of my family members fled to live abroad. Ruined and isolated, the ones who had stayed had to struggle to keep living in a country where family is the base of society. The ones who left tried to build a new life somewhere else, each one in their own way.