• Length:
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Format:
  • Realisation:
    Johanna Bedeau
  • Scenario:
    Johanna Bedeau and Mariannick Bellot
  • Image:
    Frédéric Serve
  • Sound:
    Laurent Benaïm
  • Montage:
    Isabelle Manquillet
  • Production:
    Rebecca Houzel and SFMa
  • Co-production:
    MIPROF support

An institutional film by Johanna Bedeau


Two girlfriends meet in a pub. It’s Elisa’s first pregnancy, a young discrete and lifefull woman. Mary, her friend who’s a bit more experimented, laughs friendly at her fears.

Elisa has been deeply moved by her first consultation with the midwife at the hospital the day before. Elisa remembered previous violence thanks to the questions the midwife asked and her truly attention. And it activated a post-traumatic recovery. She never told about what happened to her in this summercamp years ago.


Johanna has been working for sixteen years on the women’s condition in Africa and in France. She directed Bilakoro, a movie about exsection in Mali, then Ma cité au féminin, about the condition of women in ghettos and a lot of radio documentaries for France Culture as well (about maternity, abortion, virginity, female body, violence, women wandering, and so on).

Anna , a short movie about domestic violence, was her first fiction film and she made it for the Ministry of Women’s Rights. But documentaries and fictions serve the same purpose : giving the biggest reflection means to the biggest audience, showing shared stories with men’s eyes and intimate approach.

Elisa follows her previous work about violence which can be reactivated during the pregnancy.

Johanna studied Anthropology, and today she’s a director in radio and TV documentaries, dealing with education (Retour sur les bancs de l’école), prison environment (Vieillir à l’ombre), health …

She also makes interventions to different audiences (literacy, writing, filmmaking and radio workshops; construction of a school in Africa).

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