• Length:
  • Realisation:
    Evgeny Milykh
  • Production:
    Petit à Petit Production / Marx Film Oü


Artem et Eva is coming-of-age love story, with all its incertitudes, choices and struggles, set amid the world of the contemporary porn industry.



Evgeny Milykh was born in Voronezh, Russia, in 1982. In 2006 he graduated from the Actor’s Department of the school studio of the Moscow Chekhov Art Theater and later worked in various theaters. A year later he left the theaters and started working as a TV host and event manager. In 2018 he graduated the Moscow Film School, the workshop of Aleksei Popogrebsky and Denis Klebleev. Now he makes both films and commercials. Evgeny’s previous documentary Nothing Personal (2018) and short fiction film Night (2018) traveled to may Russian national and international festivals where it received
multiple awards. Artem and Eva is his second documentary film.