• Length:
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Realisation:
    Olga Darfy
  • Image:
    Paul Champart
  • Sound:
    Amélie Canini
  • Montage:
    César Diaz
  • Music:
    Andrei Antonets
  • Production:
    Petit à Petit Production
  • Co-production:
  • Festival / Price:
    Eurasiadoc collection. Developed at Eurodoc. Support from the CNC and the Procirep-Angoa.


a documentary film by Olga Darfy.

1991, the Soviet Union disappears. As the country collapses, DJs turn to electronic music and LSD and send yesterday’s Komsomols in a new mental cosmos. The heart of the capital beats at 180 beats. That was my city, my youth, the experience of my 20’s.

My friend Vania Salmaksov, a figure of the rave movement, disappeared in 1998. Following his footsteps, gathering pieces of experiences, testimonies, archives and memories, I try and reconstruct these vertiginous times. Where is Vania? Where are those wild emotions, this extreme thrill, our weird romanticism? Where has our youth gone?


Olga Darfy graduated from VGIK in 2000, she was noticed for Labyrinth, her student film which received many prizes in festivals. Olga Darfy now lives in Moscow where she makes documentaries and fictions, and works as a director in Theatre Doc, one of Moscow’s independent stages.

She directed Waiting for Vano, a self-produced documentary-essay dealing with the issue of war between Russia and Georgia ; Vladimir Vyssotski 205 days, a 72 minutes documentary, RTR Channel, in 2005 and Kaleidoscope, a 90 minutes fiction, RWS, in 2008. She is also an actress.